Glazing options for all of your picture framing needs.

Regular Glass:

Premium Clear® Glass is framing grade clear glass which should be used when UV protection is not a concern. If the item your framing can be easily reproduced or replaced and glare is not an issue for the room you will be displaying the piece in then this standard picture frame glass is your least expensive option

Non-Glare Glass:

Reflection Control® Glass has a matte finish which enables it to diminish unwanted glare.As with our regular glass, this is not UV protective and should not be used on items that are valuable or irreplaceable.

99% UV:

Conservation Clear® Glass blocks out 99% of harmful UV rays and is 2.5mm thick for more strength than regular glass. This makes it an ideal glazing for protecting items of value such as autographed sports jersey’s, limited edition prints, and original works of art.

70% UV Anti-Glare Glass:

UltraVue® UV70 Glass, as the name states, filters out 70% of harmful UV rays. It’s anti reflective surface virtually eliminates reflections an offers a crystal clear view of the framed artwork. Considering most items are hung in a controlled light environment, this glass offers the best of both worlds. If going through the process and expense to have something custom framed, it’s for a reason, and this glass is well worth the investment.


Premium Clear® Acrylic is a general grade all purpose quality framing product that can be used to safeguard against injury and damage to artwork. An ideal choice for items that don’t require UV protection that may be displayed in public or high traffic areas or will be being shipped.

As with everything, advancements are always being made and new procucts are introduced. There are many other glazing options available today and if you require something specific just reach out to us. These are the five glazing options that we feel assist customers needs and price points the best.

We are also a distributor of convex glass which is very specific and probably only required by artists or those looking to replace the damaged glass on a family heirloom.